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How can the rest of us writers who teach in our schools, care for elderly relatives, and raise children in small communities, write books that people will buy, read, and recommend?

Where can low profile authors get their books published for maximum visibility, sales and income? There are so many options these days!

And once it's published, how can shy, caring authors compete in a world of shameless self-promoters?

Writers and Authors

We dedicate this site to passionate writers who are are frustrated by a publishing industry and buying public that worships celebrities and authors who have already gathered huge followings.  

Since every book and every author is unique, we don't believe in cookie-cutter formulas. And we don't pretend to have all the answers. From this site, we'll try to direct you to the answers you need, whether they be our resources or someone else's. If you have questions we don't adequately address, communicate with us through our blog, by asking any random question under a blog post, so that others can benefit from our conversations.

Happy writing and publishing!


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"Steve and Cherie are authors who care about their fellow authors. Plus, they've done their homework to cut through the hype and discover what really works for regular authors who don't already lead huge followings."


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