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About Cherie K. Miller

Cherie Miller

In 2001, after being sweet-talked by Steve Miller, Cherie and her 3 sons moved from Chicago to live on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia. A widower, Steve was solo parenting his four sons, which made a for a blended family of seven sons! Each of our sons have enriched and educated us as parents in their own unique style.

In 2004, Cherie graduated with her BS in Communications: Media Studies and completed her Masters of Arts in Professional Writing in 2007 from Kennesaw State University. As a professional writer for the past fifteen years, Cherie has won numerous awards, written a couple of book chapters and authored a weekly newspaper column entitled Kidding Around.

In 2008 she compiled and published BackWords: A backwards word list for gamers. With it, people playing crossword puzzles, Scrabble and other word games can find, for example, a three letter word that ends in the letter "q."  In 2009 she collected advice from great authors about writing and publishing in Writing Conversations: Spend 365 days with your favorite authors, learning the craft of writing. She is also president of Wisdom Creek Press, LLC. 

Cherie presently serves as president of the board of the Georgia Writers Association.

Steve and Cherie are founders of Legacy Educational Resources, which provides compelling lessons and illustrations for character education teachers ( and youth ministry workers ( around the world. Visit Cherie’s author website for future projects at (


About J. Steve Miller

Steve MillerSteve is the founder and president of Legacy Educational Resources, providing resources for teachers of life skills and character education in public schools at and resources for  youth workers and pastors at A self-styled "wisdom broker," he collects wisdom from many fields and packages it for teachers and writers via the Web. Known for taking complex topics and making them both accessible and entertaining, he's spoken in venues from Atlanta to Moscow.

His two Web sites attract over 1,700 people (sessions) per day, who log on for resources such as lessons, articles, quotes, activities and people stories. Steve has been a frequent guest lecturer at Kennesaw State University and has worked with character education at the award-winning Kennesaw Mountain High School.

castleSteve has invested the bulk of his life in work with young adults. Shortly after the fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia, he moved his family to Slovakia, training youth workers with Reach Out Youth Solutions. After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he returned to the States with his wife and four boys, where he began writing resources for Central and Eastern Europe. This grew into a global ministry via the Web. 

Several years after his wife's death, he married Cherie, who was raising three boys of her own. Now with seven boys, from sixteen-year-old twins to twenty-nine years, Steve has an intimate knowledge of the problems and possibilities facing today’s young people.

Steve wrote Sell More Books! - published in 2010 - to help low-profile authors succeed in writing, publishing and marketing their books. Steve is also marketing his multiple prize-winning book, Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It. It's truly unique, teaching personal finance in a story form. Find more about it here. His book on modern music and the church, The Contemporary Christian Music Debate, was recently reprinted. Originally with Tyndale House, it went through  three printings in English and was additionally published in Dutch, Spanish, German, Romanian and Russian. Steve has published numerous articles, over 500 pages of Web-based resources and over 3500 speakers’ illustrations.

Steve enjoys spending time with Cherie and their children, researching and writing, volunteering at church, and helping his mom and 104-year-old grandmother. In spare moments he dabbles with guitars and keyboards, hikes mountain trails, snow skis, windsurfs and explores caves.

Or, perhaps something like this:

J. Steve Miller describes himself as a low-profile nobody who cares for his 104-year-old granny and seldom travels past the mailbox. He’s not a musician, yet he wrote a book on music that has been translated into Dutch, German, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. He never formally studied economics, yet he’s written an award-winning book on personal finance. He never formally studied education, yet he writes and sells his web-based educational resources to schools and teachers in every state and over 30 countries. Over 1,000 people visit his websites each day. Steve and his wife Cherie write, publish, and shepherd their flock of seven boys in Acworth, Georgia. Connect with them at





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"Steve and Cherie are authors who care about their fellow authors. Plus, they've done their homework to cut through the hype and discover what really works for regular authors who don't already lead huge followings."


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