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  •  Widely Recommended: They're consistently recommended by the most the most popular and respected sites in their subject area. (If only one recommends, it may be a favor or personal friend.)

  • Useful to Us: We've found them personally useful.

  • Nonbiased: We don't accept payment or favors for inclusion.
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Book Marketing Sites and Blogs

John Kremer's Book Marketing Site - Kremer is an unstoppable force in book marketing. On his site, he offers books and invaluable free lists of resources, everything from lists of publishers and printers to  all things Twitter. If you're looking for something, it's probably on one of Kremer's lists.

Dan Poynter's Para Publishing Site -  Much like Kremer's site - invaluable free lists and resources for writing and publishing. 

Brian Jud's Book Marketing Works Site - 75 free articles, recommended books and many other resources.

Joel Friedlander -

Judy Cullins -

Marketing E-Books

J.A. Konrath - This author sells about 1000 e-books a day. His advice to authors makes a lot of sense.

General Marketing Sites and Blogs - Top 150 Marketing Blogs, ranked daily by most visitors, most incoming links, etc.

Using Social Media to Sell Books

Great blog post pulling together a strategy for commenting on blogs, forums, etc. for getting the word out about your books. Also tells places to get free reviews, etc.

Social Media Marketing Sites and Blogs (top 10 as recommended by Shiv Singh in Social Media Marketing for Dummies)  - Web Strategist, by Jeremiah Owyang

Radio Interviews - Much like HARO, except this is for radio interviews. Sign up for a free e-mail that gives requests of radio hosts for experts on topics.

Professional Associations (Speaking and Writing Opportunities in Your Field)

Establish yourself as an expert by publishing articles in their journals or on their sites. Offer to speak at their meetings.

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