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"Entertaining and informative; amiable and easy to relate to."

"Excellent info!"

"Excellent presentation! I have writer's cramp from taking notes."

"J. Steve Miller shared his marketing ideas with the Christian Authors Guild. His practical ideas and personal experiences were a great value to our writers group. His research and real life successes are an asset to us as we develop our own marketing strategies. Steve not only shared his knowledge of what works, but also what didn’t work in his own book promotions. His down to earth personality and wealth of knowledge combined for a presentation that entertained and informed our writers. We look forward to having him back in the near future." (Eddie Snipes, President, Christian Authors Guild)

"J. Steve Miller, who co-authored Sell More Books, was invited to speak to our writers group. The three hours he spent with us was not only valuable, but also quite entertaining.  Steve is a "been there, done that" author who is eager to share his experiences with authors of all genres and experience levels. Sell More Books is worth many times more than the price of the book. Steve's willingness to share his trials and tribulations as a beginning author and how he overcame them was most encouraging. I wish I had a Steve Miller sitting across from me as I pursue my writing goals. That isn't possible but, I do keep his book on my desk, which is the next-best thing." (Ralph Thomas - member of writers' group in McDonough, GA)


January 18th, 2013, Boulder City, Nevada, Charity Channel Press on Book Marketing

August 24 - Catch the Wave Christian Writers Conference

April Northstar Church - Skeptics and the Resurrection

Jan. SoCon Social Media Conference, Kennesaw State University

Nov. 5th, McDonough, Georgia - How to Write, Publish and Sell More Books

Oct. 23rd, NorthStar Dallas - Where is God When It Hurts?

Oct. 16th, NorthStar Church Kennesaw - Where is God When It Hurts?

Sept. 28th, Georgia Power, Atlanta, for Affinity Groups on Personal Budgeting and Personal Finance

Sept. 23rd, 24th - Men's Retreat, Eufaula, AL

September 9th - Christian Writers Guild annual retreat, Norcross, Georgia.

August 13th - Georgia Writers Association, Kennesaw, GA, Kennesaw State University, KSU Center, room 100, 12:00-2:00 - Writing, Publishing and Selling a Marketable Book.

July 24th - Christianity and the New Atheism, Fellowship Bible Church, Dalton, GA

Speaking Outlines

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"Steve and Cherie are authors who care about their fellow authors. Plus, they've done their homework to cut through the hype and discover what really works for regular authors who don't already lead huge followings."


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